Seniors Explore Canadian Heritage

‘This project facilitates seniors’ exploration to Canada’s local heritage.  Eight Excursions will be organized for seniors to visit different local heritage facilities and farms on monthly basis. More than 120 immigrant and newcomer seniors from different ethno-cultural communities will participate.

In the winter, excursions will be directed to indoor facilities such as Bradley Museum to experience maple syrup production, Heritage Mississauga and other heritage places. In the summer they will visit fruit, vegetable and milk farms. These trips will expose newcomers and immigrant seniors to Canadian nature and heritage facilities, as well as to the crops that are grown in Canada and will give them opportunity to meet with Canadians who work there.

Seniors will be asked to research information about each place prior to the visit. They will exchange information and mentor each other. In each excursion participants will gather in an information sharing session where a facilitator shares more knowledge about that specific heritage place and how to utilize the facility.

Seniors will be practicing active living by participating in walking groups within each site. They will experience the joy of picking fresh vegetables and fruits. Photographs and testimonials of seniors will be collected and compiled in a memory book that reflects the beautiful memories. It will be printed professionally and distributed on seniors in an achievement celebration at the end of the project’.

If you are interested in participating in this project please contact Elsa Galan, Project Coordinator at 905-270-1829 or email to



Seniors Explore Canadian Heritage - Port Credit

Seniors Explore Canadian Heritage - Art Gallery

Seniors Explore Heritage - Meadowvale Village



Seniors Explore Canadian Heritage June 23