Active Family Teams in Action is a project that fulfills the need for a program that allows family from Brampton and Mississauga to enjoy life long physical exercise, sports and recreation together. Ethno-Culturally diverse families by offering walking, hiking, and biking on local trails as outdoor activities , and playing basket-ball, volleyball, badminton, yoga and others  as indoor activities will enjoy participating in activities together and will be motivated by having friend and neighbour families accompanying them. Team leaders from sport and recreation background with the support of volunteers will lead family active living teams.

The project comprises of 7 programs that will be run for 10 weeks each on weekly basis. Different kinds of sports will be introduced to families, friends and neighbours. This will be subject to weather condition and team interest as well. Every team leader will be committed to lead a teams of 5 families along a 10 week program. They will use the two cities indoor facilities or other group premises such as Churches and organizations. Awareness session on Active Canada 2020, Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and Canadian sport for Life will be conducted either before or after the sport session.

By doing this we will achieve our goal to encourage people to become active, to create accessibility to quality recreation for marginalized populations, to ensure that people stay active even after the program has ended by connecting them to the resources provided by the City of Mississauga and the City of Brampton.

Family Sports Day & Open House

To celebrate the successful culmination of the two-year program, MIAG worked collaboratively with partner agencies to host the Family Sports Day and Open House. The community event, held at Burnhamthorpe Community Centre on March 21st, 2015  from 1:00-5:00 pm, received more than 500 attendees comprising families from different ethno-cultural communities. They enjoyed various sports and physical activities geared towards both adults and children. Information booths from local sports and partner organizations distributed information about programs and services for community members.