About Us

MIAG is a non-profit charitable community organization who strives to address community needs and identify gaps in service delivery, and to ensure the active participation of diverse communities including women, youth, seniors and persons with disabilities in the society. MIAG has embraced community development and capacity building approaches to enhance community mobilization. It actively integrates creative responses to existing and emerging ethno-cultural communities’ needs by applying effective outreach, leadership training and skills development programs.


Working towards an inclusive and a resilient community.

Mission Statement

To enhance the capacity of individuals and families from different ethno-cultural communities through empowerment, innovation, and well-being based programs and services.


MIAG evolved from a Social Planning Council task force formed in 1982. It started as a network of community based and mainstream agencies were concerned with the effectiveness of health, education, and social services in Peel region to serve the needs of our multicultural population. MIAG expanded its programs and services to respond to the needs of individuals, groups and organizations in Peel and surrounding areas.



  • To ensure the active participation of diverse communities including women, children, youth, seniors and men in social and health related awareness building and training opportunities.
  • To enhance the well-being of individuals from ethno-cultural communities through counselling services.
  • To increase quality of programs and services provided through inter-agency collaboration and partnerships.
  • To develop materials and resource tools to support the inclusion of diverse communities and the professional development of service providers.
  • To participate in collaborative based research studies addressing different issues pertaining the diverse communities of Peel.


MIAG Strategic Direction


MIAG provides programs in the following areas:

  • Health and well-being programs for diverse women, children and seniors
  • Family life enhancement and parenting skills for ethno-cultural families
  • Leadership and capacity building for different community groups including seniors, women, youth, and children
  • Elder abuse prevention awareness within ethno-cultural communities
  • Domestic violence awareness and prevention workshops
  • Professional educational diversity training to human care service providers
  • Neighbourhood and community development
  • Recreational programs for children


Strengthening Organizational Capacity
 Policies & Procedures