Women’s Health and Well-Being Hub Program in Mississauga

This highly demanded program is delivering  at the World Gym located at 6460 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga, on Sundays from 4:00-5:00 PM.  The project targeted women and girls from different ethno-cultural communities and integrated them in a one station healthy life style program and motivated them to embrace active living, healthy eating.

Hundreds of women and girls participated in this program. Following are some testimonials from previous programs:

“I really enjoy the Zumba classes. I feel like I am connecting with women from all over the world under one great common goal: to stay healthy. The exercises, the music, the participants, the instructor all bring their own ethnicity creating this rich environment and sense of unity that unfortunately may not always exist in the real world. I want to thank MIAG for this wonderful and creative initiative that has made happy so many of us.”– Anita Ortega

– “I have been in Canada for more than 10 years, but I wasn’t exposed to this information before. I like the nutritional sessions. I started to love quinoa after I learned how to cook it”. (Palestine)

-“I learn many things and now I know how to make healthy mayonnaise and prevent diseases”. (Somalia)

-“It’s a wonderful program. I read the program online, and I came immediately. A lot of valuable information, healthy recipes’ learned a lot for my personal live and share with my family”. (Burma)

Success Story

My name is Bonnie Wong. I have been living in Toronto for 4 years. I have participated in various programs with MIAG in the past three years. My job required from me to work on the computer for several hours every day. Usually, when I come home from work, I feel tired and I like to lay down on the couch, eat snacks & watch TV or spend time on the internet. I used to buy frozen foods or instant noodles. I used to think cooking is a waste of time. I’m skinny and I have no major health issues like high cholesterol or hypertension but when I get sick it takes several days for me to recover. It offers physical exercise, health care workshops and cultural cooking demonstrations. I joined this program up to the present time. The WHWH program has given me more energy. I don’t get easily tired anymore. Now, when I catch cold I don’t even need to buy a medicine. At this program, I learned more information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay well. I like to follow what I learn from experienced & knowledgeable presenters at this program. The physical fitness trainer is really good and very supportive. Finally, I really like the cultural cooking demonstration. It showed that cooking healthy food can be fun and creative and don’t take a lot of time to prepare. Some of the dishes I’ve tried have never even taste it before. This program really changed my life.