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Multicultural Soccer | MIAGParents from the diverse communities strive to enrol their children in an affordable and decent physical activity program. In response to the neighbourhood community need MIAG organized a Multicultural Children Soccer program on voluntary basis with the support of the City of Mississauga. Children ( 5-14 years old) are invited to register for the summer time. The program will start on June 2 and will run until August 18, 2017.  It will be held every Friday from 5:30pm to 8 pm to the Bloor Soccer Field in Mississauga.  This program is open to children of new Canadians families from different cultural backgrounds.

Multicultural Soccer | MIAGThe program enhances the participants support network. It promote healthy living by engaging parents in information session that highlighted healthy eating, buying local foods, and being active through soccer training and tournaments. Children will receive awards on the last session.

“Our children and we love to come to this program because we enjoy every moment, keep them active and give us the opportunity to know and to share with people from diverse communities” one of the parents stated.

Another parent added: “It’s a great program and affordable to newcomers families during summer time.”

Success Story

My name is Erick Bejarano. I had the opportunity to participate in the Multicultural Youth Soccer Program with MIAG for the past three years. I felt that this program changed my life, because I learned many skills in this program like how to work in a team, improved my knowledge in soccer, helped me meet new people, and how to play soccer. I was able to develop many friendships there. Last year I volunteered in this wonderful program, and I helped little kids to improve their skills in soccer. In conclusion, I am very happy for attending this program. It has a great impact on my life.



Multicultural Soccer | MIAGMulticultural Soccer | MIAG