Ethno-cultural Communities Well-being Project -Train the Trainers

Let’s Talk About Mental Health!

The Ethno-Cultural Communities Well-being Project, ‘Train the Trainers’, successfully concluded this year and we will continue for the next two years to destigmatize mental illness within diverse communities. This project addresses the need to disseminate awareness and break the stigma of mental health issues highlighting different groups such as women, seniors, youth and adults from different ethno-cultural committee. Mental health awareness training series’ will be delivered on each of the following topics:

1- Mental Health First Aid For adults who interact with youth
2- Mental Health First Aid (Basic)
3- Seniors and Mental Health
4- Children and Mental Health
5- Women Abuse and Mental health

Each trainee will deliver community presentations about mental health, creating a ripple effect within their respective communities. This will encourage people to discuss mental health more openly and access services when they are needed rather than after facing a crisis.