‘Closing the Gap’ Project

Closing the Gap: Building Service Providers’ Legal Capacity

As a nation that prides itself on diversity and inclusiveness, Canada has been a world leader in the field of immigration for a long time. In fact, our open arms approach to immigration has become a part of our identity. With the influx of Syrian refugees to Canada and the ever increasing immigration trends in Ontario (where the majority of these individuals move to), there is a strong need to smoothly integrate the transition into society for these immigrants and refugees. Service providers play a significant role in responding to the needs of immigrants and refugees, and in many cases, the legal needs of these clients are some of the most urgent issues they face.

In response to these issues, MIAG is proud to announce the upcoming project titled ‘Closing the Gap: Building Service Providers’ Legal Capacity to Improve Access to Justice for Immigrants and Refugees.’ In partnership with legal clinics, lawyers and immigration centres, and Funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario, this project is aimed towards enhancing the capacity of service providers including social workers, settlement workers and religious leaders (who are often the first point of contact for immigrants or refugees looking for legal advice) in order to help identify and address any legal inquiries or problems that immigrants or refugees may face. By helping these individuals navigate the legal system and learn the underpinnings of legal related inquiries, these service providers will be able to adequately address any concerns or issues that arise during the course of their work with immigrants and refugees.

The project will consist of a series of 8 workshops that will be carried out in five separate training rounds. The Peel region is home to a diverse number of multicultural individuals and comprises a large segment of immigrants and refugees. In response to this, the project’s reach will extend to Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon. Two sessions will be carried out in Brampton, two in Mississauga and one in Caledon. A total of 100-125 service providers will be trained by the legal professionals and partners for our project. The first training round will be held in May 2017 and June 2017. For more information please contact Jesse Singh at (905) 270-1829 or email: jesse@miag.ca