Welcome to MIAG!

A Message from the Executive Director

It gives me a great pleasure to extended greetings to the diverse community of Peel and surrounding areas. MIAG is operating in a highly challenging and rapidly changing environment. Our vision, mission and strategic directions were updated three years ago to respond to the emerging ethno-cultural communities’ needs and other dynamics in the human care services sector. The strategic priorities were reviewed last year to strengthen our organizational position and to ensure its relevancy to the diverse community of Peel. MIAG’s name is updated to: MIAG Centre for Diverse Women & Families. This name reflects the programs and services that our organization delivers and the major target groups that we represent. Two years ago, MIAG obtained the charitable registration which will allow us to expand our financial resources.

MIAG continued pursuing community development and capacity building approaches through the various programs that we offered to different groups. Creating a women’s healthy lifestyle hub was a dream come true for hundreds of women from different ethno-cultural communities. This program offered a comfortable zone for women and girls to exercise, participate in health education sessions and to enjoy food demonstration of healthy culturally recipes.

Major effort has gone into creating a program for capacity building of ethno-cultural seniors. Seniors from the diverse communities were engaged in computer literacy and e-communication sessions that helped in maintaining their independency and connected them with new technology. Seniors expanded their awareness of different elder programs through the educational workshop component.

As an organizational development entity MIAG coordinated many different series of workshops on diversity and multiculturalism such as ‘Diversity: From Strategy to Implementation and Beyond’ series that was offered to service providers from different human care organizations in Peel. It helped community/social organizations and service providers develop strategies that create an equitable and inclusive environment in their workplace and for their customers.

As always, at MIAG, we are strengthening our partnerships to work collaboratively with other human care organizations. This constructive approach widens the spectrum of areas that MIAG could explore jointly with other partner agencies such as creating community gardens, disseminating parenting skills and ending domestic violence education. At the end, I would like to express my thanks to all funding entities, organizations, partner agencies, Board members, staff, volunteers and to everyone who has believed in our work and has contributed their time and support to furthering our vision.