Women’s Health and Well-Being Hub Program (Zumba & Aerobics)

The Women’s Health and Well-being Hub was one of our most popular healthy living programs. Women from different ethno-cultural backgrounds attend this affordable and convenient active living program on weekly basis. It was delivered from the Mississauga Valley Community Centre then moved to the Frank McKechnie Community Centre.  It offered very exciting, fun-filled Zumba and Aerobics sessions for women and girls of different ethno-cultural communities. It aimed to motivate immigrant women to embrace healthy lifestyle, consisting of both physical exercise and healthy eating.

Women greatly enjoyed this program and often referred their friends and families to join and obtain the benefits. Hundreds of women and girls were engaged in this program over the course of the year. It also enhanced participants’ understanding of healthy eating through nutritional workshops and cooking demonstrations following the exercise session. Furthermore, the program generated a place for women to meet other women; giving them the opportunity to expand their social network in a positive way.
Success Story“I really enjoy the Zumba classes. I feel like I am connecting with women from all over the world under one great common goal: to stay healthy. The exercises, the music, the participants, the instructor all bring their own ethnicity creating this rich environment and sense of unity. I want to thank MIAG for this wonderful and creative initiative that has made happy so many of us.”  Anita Ortega, participant.We would like to thank Shoppers Drug Mart for their financial support.
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