Domestic Violence Prevention Workshops

Domestic violence is a common and serious issue in many communities. Women may face abuse from their own family members. Violence can be verbal, physical, emotional, sexual, financial, or any other form of threat, neglect, harassment, discrimination or racism. Children who are exposed to physical violence in the home tend to exhibit higher rates of depression, worry and frustration.

MIAG addressed this issue through a collaboration with the HEAL network which is dedicated to helping children heal from their exposure to women abuse.  This year  MIAG is pleased to present five workshop for different ethno-cultural communities. Please review the  flyer  for more details. It was a safe and comfortable zone to women participants to share their experience as a step of assessing their lives and seeking support if they need it.

More work has to be done, the domestic violence, women abuse and children who witness abuse issues need to be addressed with pre-marriage couples and new weds as well in order to establish healthy relationships’ families and to raise successful children.