Generation of Hearts

Our “Generation of Hearts” is a two way mentorship project involving seniors and youth from the diverse communities. It’s about listening, talking and building friendships between volunteer

mentors, between seniors 60+ years’ old and young people 16 to 30 years old. Together they will spend quality one-to-one time one hour and half a week throughout the year.

Our key objectives for the program include:Generation of Hearts

To build a personal and emotional connection with the participants.

To link generations together in a program that offer social, artistic, cultural, civic and recreational
experiences accessible to all.

An opportunity for generations to share their ideas, dreams, and stories with each other in a
safe and respectful environment.

A chance to embrace our diversity in activities that break down the myths and stereotypes that
result from societal separation of the generations.

An event to celebrate the many gifts and talents of our program participants, together with the
entire family and community.

As a result of this intergenerational volunteer program not only do participating seniors, younger people benefit, but this initiative will also have a positive community-wide impact as we build strong, healthy and resilient neighbourhoods with each generations caring for each other. By working together, young persons and older adults facilitate community collaboration, pooling of resources and cooperative problem-solving. All participants learn from and respect each other’s traditions and stories and learn to value and accept diverse communities and gain awareness about issues affecting multiple generations. Programs enhance the ability of both public and private agencies to meet the needs of youth and elders.

If you are interested in participating in achievement celebration please contact:

Elsa Galan
GOH Outreach Coordinator
905.270.1829 or 905.270.6252

Goh Achievement Celebration





















GOH R1 S1GOH R1 CelebrationGOH R1 S6

GOH R2 Retreat

GOH R2 Retreat 2GOH R2 S6

Round 3 - Jagjit & Ammar Round 3 - Group Photo Round 3 - Celebration


Round 4 - Retreat  Round 4 - Environment  Round 4 - Mentorship Exchange