Multicultural Children Soccer Program

Multicultural Soccer | MIAGThis summer, to the delight of the children in our community, we were able to once again, offer the Multicultural Children’s Soccer program. Children ages 5 to 13 years of age participated in this ever-popular sport initiative, giving children the opportunity to develop a lifelong love of sport and an active lifestyle.

Multicultural Soccer | MIAGThis year’s program was self-supported by requesting a nominal fee that is used to cover program costs. Much to the community’s enthusiasm, the program proved to be a success with an average of 50 children participants and many happy families. The tournament was a celebratory event with medals awarded to all the children and trophies to the winning teams.  As we plan ahead for next year we are looking to making the program even better.

“Our children and we love to come to this program because we enjoy every moment, keep them active and give us the opportunity to know and to share with people from diverse communities” one of the parents stated.

Another parent added: “It’s a great program and affordable to newcomers families during summer time.”

Success Story

My name is Erick Bejarano. I had the opportunity to participate in the Multicultural Youth Soccer Program with MIAG for the past three years. I felt that this program changed my life, because I learned many skills in this program like how to work in a team, improved my knowledge in soccer, helped me meet new people, and how to play soccer. I was able to develop many friendships there. Last year I volunteered in this wonderful program, and I helped little kids to improve their skills in soccer. In conclusion, I am very happy for attending this program. It has a great impact on my life.

Multicultural Soccer | MIAGMulticultural Soccer | MIAG