Strengthening Organizational Capacity


MIAG is operating in a highly challenging and rapidly changing environment. MIAG had updated its vision, mission and strategic directions three years ago to respond to the emerging ethno-cultural communities’ needs and other dynamics in the human care services sector. Last year we reviewed our strategic priorities to ensure their relevance to the diverse community and to strengthen our position in Peel.

Strengthening Organizational Capacity is a three year project which contributes to the core expenses of our organization, and provides the opportunity to hire a Consultant to enhance the implementation of the strategic directions and to involve Board and Staff members in professional development training.

Strengthening Organizational CapacityThree groups are formed so far. A Strategic Planning Team, has evolved to direct, assess and report on the implementation of the Strategic Action Plan. It includes Board members, Staff, and MIAG friends. The Finance/Audit Committee is formed to monitor significant financial planning, management and reporting matters of the organization, and to make recommendations, provide financial advice/guidance, and deliver reports to the Board of Directors.

A Board Working Team is developed as well to insure the completion of all necessary documents and policies in the Board Manual. MIAG is grateful for the Ontario Trillium Foundation financial support which has made this organizational capacity building and professional development possible.